Memories are made with fashion ..... choose wisely!


"Michelle my belle, these are words that go together well ....."

Growing up, I was serenaded with this tune on a number of occasions. I remember it was so embarrassing, especially during my teen years (no offence meant to The Beatles!)

So, what does this have to do with fashion? Well, in researching for this blog, I went through my photographs taken since the early 80’s. I can tell you that some of those photos are now a similar source of embarrassment.

While I’ve generally considered myself to be a ‘classic’ fashion kind of girl, and many of the photos reflect this, unfortunately this was not always the case.

I've broken my fashion choices into 2 categories, the Embarrassing fast fashion category and the Happy slow fashion category.



I can't quite believe this, but I'm going to pull the bandaid off right now and show you my Embarrassing fast fashion memory!

Here it is ….. thank goodness it’s out of focus. Trust me, I'm not going to try to sharpen this image, and there isn't a filter out there that can improve on it!

What was I thinking when I chose this very attractive jumpsuit back in the 90’s? I know was holidaying at the time in WA and can only think it was on-trend (believe it or not) it would have been inexpensive, and I would not have intended on keeping it for a long time (unlike my other wardrobe staples).

While this jumpsuit was also definitely out of my comfort zone, I wanted to wear something that was symbolic of being on holiday.

Knowing what I know now, it saddens me to think that this jumpsuit was only worn once or twice & while I would have donated it to our closest charity shop, this garment may have ended up in landfill. This fast fashion garment would be an example of "Single-wear holiday fast fashion".



Recently, I was listening to the Wardrobe Crisis podcasts by Clare Press about the environmental impact of single-wear holiday fashion contributing further to fast fashion (the Wardrobe Crisis podcasts are awesome BTW, check them out).

In the UK this summer alone, fast fashion consumption in the area of Single-wear holiday clothing is predicted to be in the vicinity of a whopping $700 million (this is clothing that will be purchased and worn ONCE only).



The purpose of my blog is to share with you my experience as a result of my own fast & slow fashion choices. (Plus, we get to laugh at a photo that should have stayed safely tucked away, never to see the light of day!)

As a consumer, you're entitled to make your own choices when it comes to fashion. But, if you're like me and want to help contribute towards building a better world, a great way to start is by becoming a conscious consumer. (Suggestions on how you can be a conscious consumer in future blogs.)

In my next blog (launching approx 2 weeks' time), I'll be sharing my Happy slow fashion memories, I can't wait!

Michelle xx 

The clothes that I’m wearing in this pic are from local boutiques and have been in my wardrobe for at least 7 years #30wears

Shirt: Ready or Not Noosa (Noosa Junction);

Dress: Classy Lady Noosaville (Noosaville)

Pants: Zambezee (Hastings Street, Noosa)

Ankle boots: I Cherry Shoe (Noosa Junction)

Watch: Noosa Village Jewellers (Noosaville)

Silver ring: Metzy Designs (Eumundi markets)

Cork Tote: eco Luxe Australia (Noosa)


Styled by eco Luxe Australia would not have been possible without fabulous ambassador & photographer Carlie Wacker (far right).

Also pictured here lovely Finding Gorgeous style guru Mandy Hargreaves.


Super excited to be announcing the names of fabulous guest bloggers who will be covering a broad range of topics with a focus on contributing to building a kinder world. More to come - if you’d like to be guest blogger I’d love to hear from you!

Michelle xx 

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