When your sustainable style complements your car .....

Hi, I’m Michelle, business owner and designer for eco Luxe Australia.

I love living, shopping, eating & supporting all things local; however, I also understand the importance of being a conscious consumer.

With this in mind, I’m excited to launch my eco project ‘Styled by eco Luxe Australia’ a collection of stories behind my sustainable fashion wardrobe, supporting all things local, ethical, slow fashion & small business, and maximising existing wardrobe pieces. 


If you’re a small biz but don’t specialise in fashion, don’t despair, I’ll be shouting out to you too, there’s always lots of local small business love to share #localssupportlocals

This project is truly in its infancy at this time, there are so many opportunities to build on and add as they arise, but I wanted start the ball rolling in celebrating and supporting our amazing small businesses who contribute to our awesome community.

In addition to my own blog posts, guest bloggers will also be covering a broad range of topics with a focus on contributing to building a better world. More to come - if you’d like to be guest blogger I’d love to hear from you!

Michelle xx 



Check out my awesome Volkswagen Beetle. I’ve had ‘Cherry Tomato’ for 10 years (so named for obvious reasons to me) and she’s in mint condition. Cherry Tom runs like a dream because I look after her, have her repaired when necessary and it makes me feel happy every time I hop behind Cherry Tom’s wheel.

Before I purchased Cherry Tom, I spent time researching the type of car I'd like to buy. I came up with a list of criteria that would need to be met including the style of car that would suit my personality, the reliability of the car, my budget, and of course the colour! Because I knew I'd have my car for a long time, I deliberately went for a style that would stand the test of time.


How does this relate to being more eco conscious when it comes to fashion? To me, if I apply this same formula, ie taking time to consider what I really want from my wardrobe, if it will suit my unique personality, if that style will be trend free so that I can wear it regularly #30wears - and then follow it up by caring for my wardrobe pieces - I hope to make a small contribution to helping the environment.


The clothes that I’m wearing in this pic have been purchased based on the formula above, are from local boutiques and have been in my wardrobe for at least 7 years #30wears

Long sleeve T-shirt: Ready or Not Noosa (Noosa Junction);

Velvet skirt: Basler (Hastings Street)

Ankle boots: Classy Lady Noosaville (Noosaville)

Watch: Noosa Village Jewellers (Noosaville)

Silver ring: Metzy Designs (Eumundi markets)

Cork Clutch/Shoulder bag: eco Luxe Australia (Noosa)


I have zero experience as a model - as you can probably tell - so I had to laugh when my awesome photographer & local eco fashionista Carlie Wacker said “I know this sounds funny, but try 'lounging' against your car" while I take this pic.

I tried 'lounging' ..... I really did! (And all the while I'm sure Carlie was thinking ... ‘and I thought working with children & animals was difficult!’)

Also, the rain was just about to POUR down. Pic above was taken seconds before I launched myself off my car to run back indoors. (You’ll see my very flat hairdo as a result of the rain in later photo shoots, let me know which ones you think they are!)


Styled by eco Luxe Australia would not have been possible without the involvement of Carlie Wacker (see pic below taken with gorgeous Carlie on-board the M.V. Catalina Noosa as part of a soiree held by local fave boutique Alterior Motif/Nice Martin). Thank you for all of your guidance, encouragement and friendship Carlie - and you’re brilliant photographer too (#youmakemelookcool) xx


I haven’t always shopped slow fashion. But since becoming a slow fashion designer, I have started the journey of educating myself about the damage being done as a result of fast fashion. I now choose to be a conscious consumer and support local slow/ethical fashion from small business wherever I can. While I may have reduced my own spending on fashion, I love recommending these businesses to friends and family to help support the community wherever I can.


I look forward to sharing another blog post with you very soon, and in the meantime, share some small local business love today!

Michelle xx 

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  • Linda Primavera on

    Well done on your first blog Michelle!!

  • Carlie on

    Awesome blog Michelle – I love sharing your eco fashion journey. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Ps – you’re an awesome model xxx

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