Create TOTEM Power Word Handbag

A totem is an item you carry with you to help inspire, reconnect or be a reminder to you of safety & happiness, and to give comfort & empowerment  in times of need.

The TOTEM Handbag Collection includes a Power Word selected by you to be this source of inspiration, comfort, reconnection or reminder.

Your TOTEM handbag can be with you when you’re out in the world as a source of encouragement & power.

The story behind TOTEM

What our TOTEM ambassadors created ..... 

Create your own TOTEM today

Step 1 - Choose your power word

This can be a word that helps inspire, reconnect or be a reminder to you of safety & happiness, and to give comfort & empowerment in times of need. Suggestions provided below or we can help to choose your power word as part of your online design consultation:

Freedom; Calm; Believe; Patience; Courage; Self Love; Knowledge; Persevere; Fierce; Love; True; Unique; Authentic; Kindness; Determined; Strength; Progress; Start; Trust; Brave

Step 2 - Select your handbag style & colour combination

Choose from the following styles:

1. Convertible Backpack/Shoulder bag

2. Crossbody/Clutch handbag

3. Petite Clutch/Shoulder bag

4. Tote bag

Browse our online collection for colour combination inspo or we can help you to choose as part of your online design consultation.

Step 3 - Place your order

Select your handbag style & place your order. For inclusion of Power Word on your handbag or shoulder strap, add "TOTEM Power Word ADDITION" item to your shopping cart.

We will then make contact with you to confirm your design & your chosen Power Word (we can also arrange face to face design consultation via Zoom, Messenger/Facebook live chat or Skype).

Step 4 - We'll do the rest!

Place your order or contact me now to celebrate your unique personality while empowering yourself at the same time with your very own TOTEM Power Word handbag.


Michelle xx
eco Luxe Australia